Since its inception in 1987, King Motors has been a cornerstone of the Great Falls automotive scene. The dealership offers customers a car-buying experience that is characterized by integrity, fairness and unparalleled service. Todd Martin, the founder of King Motors, recently sat down with the Great Falls Edit to share some of his guiding principles of doing business in the Electric City.

Guiding Principle No. 1: Be Nice and Fair

From the get-go, Martin made a commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency.

"We are nice and fair," Martin explained earnestly. "We don't hound the customer on the lot or on test drives. It's a no-pressure environment. Very much a no-pressure sales model, and we stand behind our product."

King Motors aims to serve their customers, whether it’s on the front-end of a sale where the team will use their network to find a used vehicle that fulfills their customer’s wish list, or on the back end of the sale by offering comprehensive warranties, including a 10-year / 200,000-mile powertrain warranty included at no additional cost for eligible vehicles.

Guiding Principle No. 2: Keep It Simple

It was important to Martin to build a dealership that simplified the car-buying process by forgoing traditional finance managers and handling financing in-house.

"We do our own financing, and each salesperson handles all transactions from start to finish," Martin explains. "We don't overcharge on interest rates. Whatever the buy rate is at the bank or credit union, that's what the customer gets."

This streamlined approach ensures a hassle-free experience for customers, with minimal paperwork and no inflated interest rates.

Guiding Principle No. 3: Treat Others Well

Martin has always been committed to creating a welcoming environment and a straightforward approach to sales. And, because of this environment, his salespeople have stayed incredibly loyal to King Motors.

"Greg Johnson has been with us for 21 years,” Martin said, “and Doug Thares has been with us for 12 years."

King Motors also regularly finds ways to give back to the Great Falls community.  "I enjoy sponsoring kids' school and sports activities," Martin shared.

Thirty-Seven Years & “A Lot of Great People”

Over the past three decades, King Motors has become synonymous with trust and reliability, fostering enduring relationships with countless customers who return time and again. When asked what a highlight of the past 37 years in business has been, Martin reflects, "Meeting a lot of great people.”

Looking ahead, King Motors is poised to continue its legacy of excellence, offering customers the same exceptional service and quality vehicles that have defined the dealership for over three decades. As Martin reflects on the journey thus far, he remains steadfast in his commitment to providing customers with a car-buying experience like no other –a promise that has stood the test of time.

For more information about King Motors and its extensive inventory of vehicles, visit the dealership at 3524 10th Ave S. in Great Falls, and online at Here's to 37 years of success and many more to come!

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